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Vanuatu - Investment Paradise

Vanuatu, an island chain country of 83 islands populated throughout a marine paradise of raw elegance, houses a normal life mainly untouched by the western world. Swathes of unblemished sand is splashed by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, while the jewel-green forest thrills explorers with tranquil swimming holes that open to villages and area life. Above all of it loom magnificent, fiery volcanos filling up the night skies with a show of magnificent all-natural fireworks. Vanuatu is rather unlike anywhere else in the world. It's like the best hit of the globe's most magnificent experience - all in one location.

Vanuatu Facts


Base on the edge of an active volcano as well as take pleasure in the fireworks. Venture into unblemished rain forests as well as come face-to-face with ancient tribes. Or sail from island to island - there are 83 to jump between - and also discover our rich exotic beaches prior to jumping in to dive on our spectacular coral reefs.

A place many would call paradise, Vanuatu sports a tropical climate. Wherever you go, you'll find the locals to be the happiest, most friendly people you will most likely meet. As well as whatever you do, you will have plenty of time to get back, and relax by the pool just in time for supper.

Volcano close encounters

Vanuatu's landscape has actually been formed over centuries by its volcanos, most of which are still to life. Tanna's Mount Yasur is one of the world's most energetic peaks, yet secure enough for a close encounter. Hike right up to the rim, and also look right into the crater's fiery midsts, where molten rock spurts as well as the ground far underneath grumbles as well as shudders. By night, Yasur provides a stunning firework display screen as molten lava spits and also sprays right into the skies. Yasur likewise supplies the distinct excitement of ash boarding - it's like snowboarding, other than you glide down the ash slopes, from crater to base. On the volcanic island Ambrym, you can hike in between the twin craters of Mount Benbow and Mount Marum in a memorable three-day adventure past rivers of previous lava eruptions, hot water lakes and fresh lava circulations.

Accept the society

Vanuatu is a spirited nation where songs, food as well as social traditions have actually remained unmodified for centuries. Social experiences in the convivial capital, Port Vila, are conveniently available. Discover artefacts rich with historical significance at the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, and submerse yourself in the Ekasup Cultural Village, where native tribes share their genealogical Melanesian dances, cooking, customs as well as medicines. On Pentecost island, you can marvel at the valor of Vanuatu's renowned land divers-- the initial bungee jumpers-- as they jump from high systems with only creeping plants connected to their ankles to damage the death-defying dive.

Explore by water

Welcome to paddling paradise. Vanuatu's islands are laced with secluded rivers winding through lavish forests and mangroves prior to emerging into the ocean or among the archipelago's popular 'blue holes'. These deep freshwater springs, which owe their luminous sapphire colors to their limestone-filtered pureness, are typically only available by water, as well as kayaking via emerald forest to reach them is a peaceful, wonderful delight...

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