GCI Services

Our GCI by TCME Group Worldwide office in Dubai, Vanuatu, Thailand, Malaysia facilitates the submission of the applicant’s application and will assist the applicant in meeting the investment requirements.

GCI help to speed up the process, help with registration, can process everything in advance in your order. You wll only come for the register and fingerprint.

GCI open all the door for the right Ministerial in each Industry. You will get a big benefit of the Government. GCI helping you for register and start up the Company, help you for the financing your Projects, and much more...

GCI is a designated Agent for Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP). One of our Board Member is also the new Consule for the Republic of Vanuatu with his Consulate in Athen, Greece.

What are GCI services?

Relevant statistics for truth-primarily based choice making
Solutions in your commercial enterprise needs
Evaluating most appropriate marketplace access strategies
Helping you choose the precise site
Tools and plans for setting up or increasing a business in Vanuatu

Whatever your needs are, Invest in Vanuatu's advisors could be thrilled to help you.
Our services are the best you can find.

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