Vanuatu Tourism - What you need to know!


Vanuatu - Paradise on Earth!

Vanuatu is fairly unlike anywhere else in the world. It resembles a best hits of the world's most magnificent experiences-- all in one location.

Fireworks, lush rainforests, friendly people... Everything in one place - Vanuatu

Stand on the edge of an active volcano and take pleasure in the fireworks. Venture into unblemished rainforests and come in person with old tribes. Or sail from island to island, there are 83 to hop in between, and explore Vanuatu rich exotic beaches prior to jumping in to snorkel on their spectacular reefs.

Wherever you go, you'll locate the locals to be the happiest, most pleasant bunch you're ever likely to meet. And whatever you do, you can be back loosening up by the pool in time for supper.

Vanuatu Facts

Tourist Investment

Vanuatu has opened it's borders fairly recently, and tourists visiting it have only the best to say for it's beautiful landscapes, culture, society and much more!

Investing in Vanuatu
Investment Opportunities
Flight terminals
Airport Tax
Vanuatu Banks and Finacials

Flight Terminal and Resort Transfers

There are various certified airport transfer firms who can give pre-arranged transport to and from the airport terminal. Vehicles are either 26-seat typical buses or deluxe 10-seat mini trains, and most have air-conditioning. Your resort or hotel might arrange transfers or request a deluxe coach from the company of your selection to be offered at the airport terminal or resort. The prices will vary depending upon the plan and variety of travelers but are similar to taxi prices.

Financial and Money


Established Banks in Vanuatu

Financial institutions

There are currently more than 250 EFTPOS outlets around Port Vila and Luganville which approve the following cards-- Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, Amex, JCB & And also card and Accessibility International Debit Card.

Major bank card Visa, MasterCard, and to a lesser level, American Express and Diners Club are accepted at most significant hotels and resorts and some restaurants and shops in Port Vila. Cash loan on Visa and Mastercard are readily available during bank hours.

International and residential cash transfers are readily available at Western Union branches, Vanuatu Post and Goodies in Port Vila (Opening up hrs: 8 am until 5.30-6.00 pm Monday to Friday and 8.30 am to 4.00 pm weekend breaks and public holidays).

ATM MACHINE facilities are available only in Port Vila, Efate & Santo. Other outer islands don't have ATM centers except Espiritu Santo and Port Vila and overseas visitors can use their bank card.

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