Vanuatu Citizenship Requirements

Who can make an application for Vanuatu Citizenship?

Documents for Government what we and our Lawyer needs, for all the Citizenship Programs;
These Documents do not need to certificate:
Vanuatu Citizenship Requirements
  • Any person without criminal record
  • Business person or investor
  • Continuous tourist and also offshore maverick
  • Stateless Person
  • Individual renouncing their citizenship
  • Requirements for Vanuatu citizenship application
  • Vanuatu Citizenship Requirements. A full checklist of needed papers for Vanuatu citizenship by investment program is noted right here for you.
  • Requirements for principal candidate
  • Nomination Form
  • Legitimate Passport (licensed copy).
  • Identity Card (licensed copy).
  • Police certificate from state of origin.
  • Birth certification.
  • Vanuatu Citizenship Payment Due Diligence Inspect.
  • Personal Profile (consist of education and also work background).
  • Clinical Certification.
  • 6 x colour pictures (40mm x 50mm).
  • Asset report.
One of the following:
Requirements for partner
Requirements for children or other dependents.
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