How to become a Vanuatu Citizen?


What is first action to get citizenship by investment in Vanuatu?

The decision to take a dual and also second citizenship is the first step in direction of being a Vanuatu Citizen. GCI is authorized by the Government of Vanuatu - DSP (Development Support Programme) representative and we can assist you in finishing the Official Application Form without any payment in advance.

What is a pre-approval stage in Vanuatu citizenship process?

A "pre-approval" phase includes a Vanuatu Federal government background look of the applicant, which is required. When the pre-approval has been received (generally 7-10 days), the complete paperwork is submitted with complete payment. The Citizenship acquirement process from here takes about 30 to 60 days to finish, making it among the fastest processing times in the world.

Citizenship process

What happens after the pre-approval stage?

When the application is accepted, the candidate will need to introduce themselves at a Government of Vanuatu Consulate office, nominated office or, in Vanuatu itself.
At the new Consulate of Republic of Vanuatu in Greece (Athens) or Government Offices the candidate will take part in the Oath of Obligation ceremony whereupon they will obtain their citizenship and Vanuatu passport.
The candidate will then be qualified to complete Vanuatu citizenship benefits and rights, and also have complete benefit of visa free travel with their Vanuatu passport to 129 countries.

How long the Vanuatu citizenship is valid?

Citizenship is pernament, and is hereditary. There is no need for the citizen to go to Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Requirements