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Where is Vanuatu located?
Vanuatu is a South Pacific nation composed of 80+ islands, within an island chain that spans 1,300 kilometers.
Which languages are most dominant in Vanuatu?
In Vanuatu there are several different language groups. Local languages vary from Bislama (63.2%), English (33.7%), French (0.6%), other (0.5%).
Which industries are most important in Vanuatu?
Which religions exist in Vanuatu?
Why is Vanuatu popular for divers?

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Is Vanuatu one of the most happiest places on Earth?
Most certainly. According to the Happy Planet Indes, Vanuatu is placed among the 4 happiest populations in the world, and the happiest outside of America.
What is the capital of Vanuatu?
What is the biggest attracton on Vanuatu?
Blue Holes in Vanuatu?
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What is the climate in Vanuatu
The climate is exotic, with more than 9 months of cozy to warm rainy weather conditions, as well as possiblity of cyclones. Following are three to four months of cooler, dry weather filled with winds from the southeast. The daily temperature level ranges from 20 to 32 degrees Celsius (68 to 90 Farenheit).
What are the 4 pillars of economy in Vanuatu?
Prince Philip has a tribe that worships him
They invented bungee jumping
Vanuatu is hugely reliant on tourism
Cassie De Pecol is a big fan