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About GCI

GCI - Global Citizenship Investment aids and concentrates on high net worth individuals and their family members move to some of the world's most welcoming, prosperous and risk-free countries via Investor Immigration Programs. We operate in tandem with financial institutions and a relied on network of internationally appreciated specialists in immigration regulation to navigate and simplify the immigration procedure. GCI - Global Citizenship Investment is handled and driven by a very skilled and vibrant group of executives, much of whom come from varied social backgrounds, having highly seasoned and specialized performances in servicing clients from around the globe with one of the most professional criteria of commitment and integrity.

Our legal team and was experts legal representatives are renowned in the worldwide immigration field, with over 25 years experience in quick turnaround dual citizenship programs. Our impressive group of specialist consultants has been thoroughly picked and functions towards our company values: Focused on you - our Client. YOUR CHANCE FOR A BETTER LIFE - We are proficient in identifying uncommon and exceptional possibilities around the globe for our clients which combine generally solid investments leading to advantages of long-term residency, passports and citizenship in that country.

Our Vision

Our Vision - We encourage and improve global citizenship and will bring the market requirements to a higher level by involving all included stakeholders. We want to see the globe as a better place, where global residents have a premium level of life. Our business primary objective is to offer quick and risk-free immigration services to the country of your selection. In addition to offering initial consultation, we do guarantee likewise all nearby solutions needed by the customers during all process and past its finish terms.


We assist clients for paid services with document preparation and filing, housing and real estate, tax advice, liaison and investments. More specific information about the programs are available with the Govt websites of respective countries. The information contained in this website is based on general purpose only and it does not meant to substitute qualified legal or professional advice given by a specialist knowing your particular situation. We do not accept for any loss or damages whether direct, incidental, indirect, special, or consequential, among others, relating access to this Website. No part of this site may be reproduced in any form or by any means, without our prior written permission. All other works are copyrighted works of our partners, which had been reproduced with prior permission.

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