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Vanuatu is a beautiful country in the Pacific, with around 83 islands in its domain. GCI – Global Citizenship is an official and certified provider of investment opportunities in Vanuatu..

When we talk about Vanuatu No Tax Paradise, you must first know about the country, and the benefits of investing in Vanuatu:


With Vanuatu Passport, you can travel in more than 125+ countries, without the need of a visa. Visa free travel through Vanuatu passport is acceptable in the entire European region, Hong Kong, select countries in America, Africa, Middle East and Oceania.


That's right - In Vanuatu, tax for corporate, estate, gift, wealth, capital or income do not exist. Only tax that exists in Vanuatu is VAT and it is approximately 12.5%. So, not only does Vanuatu passport give you a powerful visa free travel, but also low tax rates.


When you decide to invest in a country to get citizenship, in some countries you need to go through a long application process. In Vanuatu you can get your passport in only 30-60 days! Invest smart, acquire benefits quickly with our Vanuatu Citizenship Program!


Vanuatu is a very hospitable country, with the most friendly and peaceful locals you will ever meet. They do not even have an armed force, which has not stopped them from being a stable, and in our perspective a fast growing country, which makes it a perfect ground for investors.


Vanuatu has an easy company and bank account formation system, which offer a high level of privacy and confidental trust. As an investor, Vanuatu cares for your privacy and makes sure that you have a stable economic and political condition.


Only recently has Vanuatu opened its borders for foreign investors, so they could work on the development of the country together with the government. Vanuatu has very low real estate costs, and since Vanuatu is a paradise - both for investments and holidays.

Regarding Vanuatu No Tax Paradise, and more about the key benefits of Vanuatu investment, you can view it all below:

    Vanuatu key benefits

Vanuatu citizenship process

Of course, these are just few of the key benefits that surround the beautiful paradise that we call Vanuatu. Vanuatu has opened its borders to foreign investors so it could develop its infrastructure and agriculture. You searching “Vanuatu No Tax Paradise” shows that the Vanuatu investment interest is rising, and it is for a good reason. You are choosing one of the best investment locations in the Pacific. GCI can help you with the “Vanuatu No Tax Paradise” process. You can check the process below:


Vanuatu citizenship process

Vanuatu citizenship visa free travel

Vanuatu No Tax Paradise – in few steps GCI will guide you in your task of successfully investing in Vanuatu, and receiving a powerful visa-free travel passport. You can check the requirements we will need from you, that includes your inquiry on Vanuatu No Tax Paradise, by clicking the button below:


Visa free travel Citizenship requirements


Vanuatu quick processing

Vanuatu has one of the fastest citizenship program procedures – 30 to 60 days! So, in just below two months, you can start enjoying all the benefits of being a citizen in Vanuatu. And you as a dedicated and wise foreign investor, who thinks ahead of others, looks at the future, and specifically searches on the subject – Vanuatu No Tax Paradise, knows that investing in Vanuatu will bring the big picture into place – You can be known as the person who changed and developed Vanuatu, and you get a lot of benefits from the government.
You can check more about the record-fast timeline below:


Fast Process

About GCI unit Vanuatu

Our GCI by TCME Group Worldwide office in Vanuatu, Dubai, Vanuatu, Thailand, Malaysia facilitates the submission of the applicant’s application and will assist the applicant in meeting the investment requirements.

GCI help to speed up the process, help with registration, can process everything in advance in your order. You wll only come for the register and fingerprint. GCI opens all the door for the right Ministerial in each Industry. You will get a big benefit of the Government. GCI helping you for registering and starting up the Company, help you for the financing your Projects, and much more… We are also specialized in your Vanuatu No Tax Paradise inquiry, helping you and guiding you through the entire process.

GCI have a partner Hunting Heads Worldwide Executive Search Group to find the right Management for your Company.
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